• Different types of business networking | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup

What are the different Types of Business Networking?

 Let's get real; most people get jobs and businesses where they have a connection. Business networking, therefore, makes a great difference. Business networking is the art of establishing beneficial relationships with clients and other people so that you are able to realise, develop and take action on available opportunities. Networking is not easy as it sounds especially when you don’t understand how to do it. For this

  • Optimise a Blog | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup

How to Optimise a Blog

How to Optimise a Blog Basics 101. You put the effort in, optimise a blog and Google rewards you. Our Step-by-Step approach to optimising a blog begins with a quick overview of our all-important top ten checklists. So, what’s the best way to build relevant and engaging content (see my beginners guide to Content Writing). Blogging for SEO success takes a certain skillset and knowledge of the

  • pay per click | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

Easy Steps to understand & Use PPC Everyone wants more traffic to their website. It’s simple maths – you have a new website and you want people to know it exists. You have two choices: Organic searches Paid searches Both have their part to play. Organic is without doubt vital but takes time. So what’s the alternative for quicker results? Paid searches or as it is more

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