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How Do I Start Content Writing?

It doesn’t matter how many good products or services your website sells.  You will lose out on money if your content writing is wanting. With good content, you won’t have to worry about making money blogging, your posts will be shared all over and soon your efforts will pay. This guide will help you get content writing right each time.  Let’s begin!

 1. Pick Your Niche

A blogger can write about anything. However, you need to stick to one area as a beginner. It is easier to start writing on areas that you have knowledge in and expand later on.  Even though, as a writer, you should be able to easily adapt to different trends.  Your readers are simply searching the web for interconnected and relevant events to whatever they were reading earlier on. For this reason, you need to be able to write about everything and anything in your selected niche.

 2. Carry Out an In-depth Research

What should you research about?

  • Have a better understanding of your topic or product that you intend to write about. Get your information from trusted sources and always make sure you provide references to the original sources.
  • Find out which tone is required to deliver your piece of content.
  • Understand the age and personality of your audience.
  • Understand the purpose of your writing.
  • Identify the keywords that your  content should  contain under a given topic

3. Plan Your Writing

You need to have a skeleton of your content in mind. This way you are able to cover most sections of your topic fast and make research on areas where there are gaps.

4.  Give Your Audience the Reason to Read On

The best way to engage your reader from the start is to have a killer title and introduction of what you are writing about. Understand that your visitors don’t have time to read works of literature. They simply come to your website to get information or buy a product and leave.

You need to give them enough reasons to stick around so that they do not go away to look for information elsewhere. Tell them the importance of your topic within the first few words of your writing.

Each of your content should fully tell the reader why they need to hear from you.  A great writer should be able to paint a picture of   what they are talking about in the reader’s mind

5. Stay Focused

Avoid confusing your reader with other related ideas rather than what you intend to discuss. Stick to a single idea to help your readers engaged with your content. Consistency is paramount, keep it straightforward.

6. Be Accurate in Your Content Writing

You are not sure about spelling? Look it up.  Readers hate errors so do search engines. There is some good software such as Grammarly that can help you get the spellings and punctuations right for free. Google Chrome offers a free Grammarly extension so that your content writing meets the set standards.

7.  Avoid Keyword Stuffing

You make the content user-friendly and relevant by using keywords. However, stuffing keywords into your content will hurt your trust with the search engines and your audience. You may not make money writing keyword -filled content. Your content will be seen as a low quality leading to a decrease in page views.

 8. Use the Right Tone

You need to have the correct tone in mind before you start content writing.   Your tone should be persuasive enough to keep readers glued to your article.   Write with your audience in mind, you need to convince your audience that what you are writing about is worth sharing with a colleague or helpful enough to share on their social media.

9. Bring Out the Emotions

Your reader needs to feel something just by going through your content. Is your content making an impact on the reader’s life? Do they feel inspired? Does it solve their problems? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you begin content writing.

10. Add Value

Your posts should always add value to the reader. Give tips and actionable ideas to keep your readers coming back for more. The only way to show gratitude to your readers is to add value by what you discuss in your content. Let your website be a source of quality information for your audience.

11. Embrace Simplicity

Avoid complex sentence structures and unnecessary vocabularies. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and keep the content easy to understand.

  • Avoid giving exaggerated figures in your content, this can cause mistrust between you and your readers.
  • It is always good to start your content by explaining your topic. This makes it beginner-friendly. Keep it straightforward when writing for experts.
  • Let your paragraphs remain simple and explain a topic at a time. Longer sentences are used to bring out new ideas while short ones grab the readers attention.
  • Try keeping actions in your sentences, your sentence structure should put emphasis on action. Learn to avoid the use of passive voice to keep your content exciting.

12. Break Down Your Content

Depending on what you are writing about. Use of subheading makes your work outstanding. Subheading helps your visitors scan through your article to decide which part they want to read. Include eye-catching subheadings to draw your readers attention so that they can progress reading your content.

13. Summarize Your Work

A writer needs to have the ability to conclude an idea in the right words. Each section in your content should be summarized properly so as to keep your visitor interested in getting to the next part of your post.

 14. Proofread Again and Again

Am sure you not want your audience to read content that is full of grammatical errors. Begin editing your work by first omitting sentences or paragraphs that seem irrelevant to your topic. Then look into grammatical errors, punctuations and spelling mistakes.

Read again to ensure that your content makes sense. We advise that you read your content the next day when it is not so fresh in your mind. By doing you will figure out mistakes that you would have overlooked earlier.

Bonus tip: Once a writer, always a learner.  The best way to go from a writer to a pro writer is to keep learning from the best. There are several free online courses that can help you become a better writer.

Final Thoughts

You can learn to become a better writer by paying close attention to what readers are saying about your content. Even though most readers are not likely to tell you the truth, improve your writing by listening to you to critics.  You can always get the help you need from content writing groups on social media. Keep learning and you shall be a master in content writing soon. We hope this article shed enough light on how to start content writing.

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