Presentations Guidelines & Tips

You’re doing a presentation at Swansea Digital Marketing. Congratulations.

To make your talk as successful as possible, here are some tips:

Know your audience: decide what level of knowledge is necessary for our audience to appreciate your talk. Currently, the audience is split 50/50 between business owners and professionals ranging from agency owners, freelancers, contractors and lecturers.

Decide on your topic: what knowledge do you wish to leave our audience with? Utilising examples, analogies and case studies goes a long way to supporting your topic and displaying your capabilities too.

Keeping it relevant: it can be easy to rack up over 100 slides in a PowerPoint presentation and lose the ability to get your point across. Stay relevant and make your point. Simplifying fewer slides always connects better with any audience

The Eureka moments: delivering ‘knowledge bombs’ is what makes so many of our speakers memorable. It’s those moments of exchanging knowledge that deliver the main purpose of why we meet – to educate and enlighten business owners to act, do and see the results.

Practice: lastly, run through your presentation a couple of times, ideally with someone who can offer feedback. It’s likely they will ask a question that will pop up on the night and you’ll be better versed to manage your response.

Presentation Tips

Presentations should ideally be between 20 to 25 minutes and you will have up to a maximum of 45 minutes which allows for our audience to ask questions and further their knowledge into your subject matter.

After the event, we kindly ask you to forward your presentation to us in order to attach it the website along with details about yourself for online readers to benefit too. This allows you time to edit or amend elements prior to pushing it out on the world wide web.

These are just some guidelines to help you to maximise your opportunity, but as always, we appreciate your style, tone of voice and the knowledge you can share. So don’t be afraid to be different and ultimately memorable.

All presenters earn the ‘Presented at #swanseadigitalmarketing Mug’. We kindly ask for a shot after the event of you and your mug for our gallery and advertising on social media. It’s our way of saying thank you and letting others know more about the talent in South Wales.

Thank you