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What Is the Basic Meaning of Marketing?

Marketing is not rocket science, it is not easy either. However, with a good marketing plan, keeping your customers satisfied will be a walk in the park. We have discussed some components of marketing that will help you start on the right foot.

Marketing Meaning

Marketing is the process of developing relationships with target customers and satisfying them with your offers. Marketing basically enables the business to teach their customers how their products or services are of importance and why they need to choose them over those of the competitors.

Definition of Marketing Management

Market management is supervision, reviewing and tracking of a business marketing strategies, campaigns and resources. Elements of market management include:

1. Outlining Objectives

To properly manage your business in terms of marketing, you need to set clear goals that are quantifiable. Having goals increases the efficiency of people working in a given business.

2. Profiling

Market to the whole market is hectic and blindsided. A market management system helps you segment the market into manageable sections in order to choose your target audience.

3. Research

Research involves data collection, analysis and interpretation. This data helps a business identify the various needs of their audience so that they are able to create products and services that best suits them.

4. Controlling Activities

Market management ensures that all activities related to product or service marketing are well done in order to increase brand success. You must regularly evaluate your marketing campaigns and readjust if necessary.

Is Market Management Important?

Here is why market management is essential for any business:

1. Introduction of New Products and Services

Your products and services should be familiar with your customers. Your marketing management strategy helps you come up with ways and techniques of creating awareness of products that you intend to launch into the market.

2. Increases Conversions

A marketing management system enables you to understand the best way to interact with your prospects to make sales. It also gives you a clue of what products your customers are interested in periodically.

3. Enhances Public Relations

Marketing simply creates campaigns that re-aimed at increasing credibility and trust index of any business. Find a way of interacting with your customers; you may host an event or a party, all you need to do is send out invites.

4. Enhances Creativity

Marketing evolves every single day. A market management system creates room for new ideas leading to better services and products. Additionally, the business is able to set itself apart from the market by recognizing its unique selling point.

What is the Marketing Mix?

How does a business pick a good combination of techniques to use in marketing?  Each business aims at getting their products or services out there to the target audience as fast as possible. For this to happen, a good understanding of the marketing mix is needed.

Market mix explains all tactics that a brand uses to promote its services and products in the market. The market mix elements will help you develop a sketch for your market strategy. Here are the 4Ps worth considering before launching any services or products:

1.  Product or Service

  • What are the customer’s expectations of your products or services?
  • How is your product different from that of your competitors?
  • What is the colour and size of your product?
  • What are the basic features of your product? Are there features that might not be of use to your customer?
  • How is your product branded?
  • How will your product solve your customer problems?

2. Place

  • Where will your buyers find your products or services?
  • Where can you access the right distribution channels
  • Should you attend events such as sales trade to boost your business?

3. Price

  • What value does your product or service have?
  • Is your pricing on the higher side?
  • Will a decrease in pricing help you attract more customers?
  • How is your pricing compared to that of your competitors?

4. Promotion

  • What methods of marketing do you need to get your products or services out there?
  • When is the best time to advertise your offers to your target audience?
  • How do your competitors promote their products?
  • When can you get your marketing started?


Do not forget:


  • How many people are involved in the production of my product or service?


  • What action should be taken to deliver the products or services to the target audience?

Physical conditions

  • What are the customer’s experiences?
  • How does the customer perceive branding?
  • What environmental factors are likely to affect my services or products delivery?

Is the Marketing Mix Important?

The market mix helps you analyze your competition so that you are able to identify your uniqueness in the market.  You may realize that their campaigns are not so good, this is your chance to strengthen your campaigns and create a name for yourself

  • It enables you to make necessary adjustments to your products or services. This may be its pricing, branding and even features. By doing this you will have enhanced your product or service portfolio significantly.
  • The market mix helps a business focus on creating the right product for the right audience, so as to minimize marketing costs.

Making use of the 4Ps model each time when creating new products help you optimize its impact on your target market.


Your business can not afford to fall behind the competition. Taking a closer look at your current marketing campaigns will enable you to know if you are headed in the right direction or not. Any time is a good time to readjust your marketing strategy.

Competition is stiff, marketing your business blindly is a sure way to fail. Take advantage of different types of digital marketing to help put a word out there about your business. You will be surprised how many people are in need of your products and services.

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