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Swansea Digital Marketing & SEO | Swansea Digital Marketing meetup

What is Swansea Digital Marketing?

We are a community of experts and amateurs alike who have a thirst to know more about Digital Marketing and its many facets. With monthly business networking meetups, we cover such topics that include SEO to PPC, Content Writing and Social Media Management. If it’s related to helping your business or brand succeed, then we know we can cover that topic.

Business networking that allows newbies and experts to mix in a non-evasive environment is both conducive to learning and promoting ideas. If anything, our events have shown a huge desire for knowledge with both experts and amateurs alike relishing the subject matter being discussed. In this ever-changing dynamic marketplace that we call ‘digital marketing’, there is a raft of issues to tackle, resolve, dissect, debate and nurture if we are to improve our online brands.

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